Cass to Durbin connection on the horizon for 2019

In regards to the article, I hope that Mr. Smith doesn't take all the credit for the restoration of that climax. Especially when the majority of the work was done by the Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association, which was kicked out of their shop when Mr. Smith took over the railroad. 

Thanks for the update I knew they were down to the bridge/ culvert question. I hadnt heard that they are going to put the bridge back in. I would also assume it will be new given the damage to old bridge. 

Also thought the Climax was buried in the engine house to be left alone until further notice. 


Our model railroad  club made a field trip to Cass and Elkins in October and had a very informative Cass shop tour.  Our tour guide told us about  the progress on rebuilding the line between Durbin and Cass for service in 2019.  A former  Buffalo Creek and Gauley 2-8-0 was being rebuilt in the Cass shop and our guide told us that they plan on using it on Durban-Cass runs.  Restoration of the line between Cass and Durbin opens the possibility for a very interesting all rail journey between Durbin and Elkins. 


Durbin to Cass on the former C&O Greenbrier River branch.

Cass to Old Spruce on the Cass Scenic RR

Old Spruce to Elkins on the Cheat Mountain Salamander (former WM trackage)


If one was a dreamer think of restoring the former WM branch line between Durbin and Greenbrier Junction and you'd have an all rail mountain circle route that would be unmatched anywhere in the US.


Ed Rappe           PRRT&HS 421

Thanks Bryan Smith for the update on the Cass Scenic Railroad, and the Old C&O Durbin Line repairs....I've tried getting info from their web site, but not too much there....But they do have a railroad to run, and equipment to maintain, so "BS" for foamers will have to wait...….!

colorado hirailer posted:

Let us know when this is finished...a train wide from Elkins to Cass would be great, since not much commercial close to Cass... stay and eat in Elkins, train to Cass and back..

I enjoy staying in one of the old company houses in Cass.  If you don't want to cook, then the Boyer restaurant is about 20 minutes.  Snowshoe also has restaurants not too far away. 

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