I am about to build eleven of the NE-12 way cars. I’m only building 3 in the first batch so I can iron out some construction methods. The last one I built had a straight sided cupola and although it looked OK it was not prototypical. The sides of the NE12 cupola is slightly sloped so I want to replicate that in this batch. Just building 3 will allow me to make some jigs and clamps during construction that help with the next eight. I may wish that I had continued with the straight sided cupola!


The Caboose Track


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1D1B93A9-2FCB-4223-B0AC-AF0241C474DDA34B3AD7-9397-4856-9AE0-F6E5A8A639E669FBE5B5-3B88-4320-A9CF-77A2DEED942ASome progress on the pilot. This was the fourth version, first three in the trash. This cupola is a bear but I have a jig built to do the rest of them. Lots of sanding is done to achieve the Q’s streamlined appearance.


The Caboose Track


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Malcolm, I'm a member of the BRHS and a detail modeler of the CB&Q, I admire you for the work you do. Although I have built many Q models over the years, most in HO, and now some in O, I'm not close to the skill and PATIENCE you have in scratch building this series of waycars. 

I know you must get  a lot of enjoyment in scratch building, it's one of the benefits of our hobby.

Don't know if you are a member of the BRHS, but it sure would be nice to have an article in our Zephyr magazine on how you built it. Any change I can get you to do one?

And if you have a spare waycar for sale, please keep me in mind.


Inspirational work as always. Hopefully I can get back to building stuff in within the decade, lol. So little time.

If you decide to keep cranking these out, please add me to your queue for your next round of Southern Railway Bay Window Cabs, with the ability to have interiors added and in 2R. I'd take 2, painted up. I'd obviously pay extra for the ability to open it up and add my own interior.

DaveJfr0 posted:

Who's ballast do you use? Looks great.

Just sent you an email chock full of information for SOU BW Cabs, interior information, etc.

I'd love to have that information if you care to share.  I have several Russ Briggs Southern bay window brass kits that I hope to tackle this winter.

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