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The Lionel Operating Train Society (LOTS) is proud to offer a Chicago Great Western (CGW) Flatcar with stunning Edelweiss Beer piggy-back trailers as our 2015 Convention Car.  


Edelweiss Pic no background


All OGR Forum Members are encouraged to join LOTS and order one or more of the latest limited edition cars LOTS is offering.


Order deadline: March 15, 2015    


For car membership or ordering information please go to   



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Just a thought that occurred to me when I saw this...
It would be cool to do a run of the Schmidt Beer nature series cans from back in the day.  There had to be about twenty different types.  That would make one sweet train.  I have twelve of the beer cans still. Some guys will know what I'm talking about.  The muskie was always the one we wanted as kids.  I got one!

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