Can a engines ID be changed,  say example from a UP cab# xxxx to SF cab# xxxx so when the engine is in the list it will be the SF engine? That sounds about clear as mud, but not really sure how else to state it. 

If this can be done, what is the procedure?

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yes you can change the engine id I the remote BUT the name will only hold until you do a conventional reset then the engine id you put in is erased.the only way you can lock in the engine id is have a asc tech use  service loader program that only asc techs have then the id will stay forever unless its changed again with service loader ok, so the answer to your question is YES but if you do a conventional reset the id will be GONE!



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It does not go away with a conventional reset.  It only goes away with a Factory reset via DCS.  You would just edit it again.  Dealers/Repair Techs with the factory reloaded program can change the permeant name if desired.  That load is less than a minute.  G

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