Well since it seems no one is going to make this anytime soon, I decided to kit bash a shark and a centipede. 

So far it looks like it will work. It may not be 100% accurate but close enough. 

Here is what I have so far.


Steve C.

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Great job! Can't wait to see it finished. As a JC fan, always liked the Baldwins. I have been trying to find a 3D printed version with no luck. There is a guy who sells the shells in N scale so the 3D model is available somewhere, just can't find it. Are you splicing the centipede cab to the shark body or shortening the centipede?

Thanks TRAINMSTR.  Yes.  I hope to use pieces of both shells and fit them on the shark frame.  It looks like I'll have to cut the centipede into three sections to make a close representation.  There will be too much space between the side windows and the door but I think I can live with it.  The ends will come from the sharks. The rest seems to line up OK.  Even the smoke unit can stay in the same place. 

Steve C.

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Cut the Centipede shell in 6 pieces. 


Cut the back door off the Shark shell.


I'll use 3 parts off the Centipede and the rear door of the shark.  Had to make extra cuts because the Babyface has a door in the middle of the unit. 



Steve C.

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So it's true then.  There's a prototype for everything.  I may have seen the Baldwin baby faced locos in pictures at some point, but I could be getting them confused with the ALCO units New Haven had .

Dan Padova


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prrhorseshoecurve posted:

Curious if you have the plans for those unique baldwins or are you just " winging it"?

Just winging it from the photos.  Not positive but I think only CNJ & NYC used them.

Here are some of the shell glued together. Still need a few more details like antennas and grab rails and the front coupler.  

Going to work on the B unit next.


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What I wouldn't give for Jersey Central Baby Face diesels to go along with my F units. Either the one you made or the double ender varient. Great work so far.

- Joe

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A friend and I bought 2 MTH Centipede shells with the GM&O A-1-A versions in mind (on a PA or similarly-trucked chassis), but I can't quite get past the improper cab shape - the Centipede's cab is quite tapered, and the other B'Face's cabs are not.

Not that I don't like your work - you're my kinda O-scaler.

Good job; looking forward to the finished product.

Oh - is the mug of coffee in photo #1 part of your modeling Zen? 


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If MTH will build 'em in Premier grade, I'll take 2 in each CNJ color scheme.

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Steve, looks great! Can't wait to see it in the "Ipana" scheme. Where you put the cab door is really close to the DR-6-6-15 version for other road lovers. From previous posts it looks like someone may be willing to scan your shell, if so, I'm sure us JC lovers may be willing to pay for it's use. This would also give us the ability to move the CAB door forward for a more prototypical look.

I would think the DR-4-4-15 & DR-6-6-15 & 20 would be in the "easy pile" for MTH. Since their molds are probably modular, if not they should seriously consider it going forward, they could mix and match to market semi-prototypical locos never made to date. Lets face it, everything made for JC sells out fast, yet all the manufacturers continue to ignore this road while repeating roads over & over again that sit on shelves unsold.

corsair29 posted:

Here is the reference I'm using  for the details.  Mine will be 78 because the Centipede had it as part of it's # board.


Good choice, in my opinion. That is the styling I remember while growing up in Cranford, NJ during the early 1940s through the mid 1950s.

corsair29 posted:
Hot Water posted:

 I remember while growing up in Cranford, NJ during the early 1940s through the mid 1950s.

Hey we were neighbors!  I grew up in Roselle in the 60's & 70's.

Also 60's and 70's .... in Linden.

Anyway, really great job .... on a very cool engine!

Grew up down the shore (Brick), used to watch JC & PRR on the NY&LBRR at Pt. Pleasant and Bay Head. Grandfather was engineer on JC, remember driving across what seemed like 100's of tracks at Communipaw to get to locker room to pick him up in my Aunt's 55 Chevy convertible (Black Beauty). Remember riding in cabs of Trainmasters well, barely remember steam rides. That was 60 yrs ago and I see his face every day.

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