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I need some help locating where to find connectors that will fit the RS5 mother board.  Specifically, I need -

  • The 2 position connector for the coupler
  • The 3 position connector for the IR sensor
  • The 4 position connector for the battery/speaker
  • The 6 position connector for the rear lamp.

These are a bit smaller than the connectors I have that were from the older TMCC.  Those are 2.4mm on-center???

I did find some of these in the Lionel Harness parts, but not all.  BTY, these are 2mm on-center pin.

I have no problem ordering an entire set if needed.

I'll have to purchase a crimp tool as well.

Thanks for your help.


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  • 341471691MB000B0: RS5 mother board
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