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Most likely, PS/3 locomotives should have the same speed profile for conventional operation.  Also, there is a little "slop" in the speed control for conventional running as it's keyed on track voltage.

Simple test to see if it will be a problem, run them a foot apart around a few times and see if they run close to the same speeds.  A variance of a couple percent is not significant, but if one is considerably faster than the other, it could be a problem.

I have run two of the same model together in conventional without issue.  A guide you see here a lot is to run them on the same track but not connected and see if they will work together well.

Not sure how PS3 works, but I would recommend you lock them in forward so you don’t have inadvertent reversing of one.

Looks like John beat me to this😄

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I use to run 2 conventional locomotives (not MTH) together.  The engines were the same brand and model and ran at about the same speed as John notes above.  I found what was more important than the engine was the track.   If you have your track wired conventionally and stop on a dead spot, when the engine gets power again, this could cause one of the engines to cycle out of forward and it would then have to be reset.  Not a deal-breaker as its fairly easy to fix the dead spot.


You can run them together.

You need to have them both facing forward.

The power needs to be gradually turned all the way up so they are both operating.

Press the direction button.

They should operate at the same time, unless you have a spot in the track where the power cuts out.

Here is a photo of my two MTH PREMIER GP9 diesel locos that will operate together in conventional mode.




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The one that runs faster might have a wire disconnected from a motor.

That was a problem that I had with one of the GP9s, until I solved it.

You might have to check the wires to put it back in place. If the wire is too short, then add a section of wire that is insulated with hot glue.

The Premier locomotives should all run at the same speed under the same voltage when operating correctly.


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