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I’m not really familiar with these cars. Whatever your going to use for trucks. I would get them mounted up first at whatever ride height looks somewhat correct. Then I would roll it up to the Kadee height gauge and see where your at as to what you need as far as a shim that would also act as the mount. I’m old school and would probably make a U shaped bracket using metal that would wrap around the truck mount and make use of the 2 screws which I’m guessing mount the body. You probably will need longer screws and something to make up the offset.
Once in place. I would center and mount the Kadee. Drilling and tapping the holes. Then trace everything out and trim it up close to the Kadee.

I like aluminum but if it involves a lot of cutting . Cutting brass can be done with a Dremel. You can also use styrene and possibly just glue it if your comfortable with it holding. If you have multiples to do. Once you come up with a plan. Look into getting them 3D printed.

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There's 2 issues with these.  

First, the trucks are mounted too far inboard as compared to the real one, so what you actually need to do is just remove the lionel protrusion and move the truck outboard on a new bolster that you'll need to make and glue to the car.

Second, one end of the car has nothing to mount a kadee to. This can be fixed by adding some plastic and paint matching it.  

I've sent the thread to a friend of mine who has been working on converting both MTH and Lionel cars to kadees. Hopefully he chimes in with the exact surgical procedure, but its not a simple job.

Photos helped!

No real car bolster there and correcting that as well as added a landing pad at both ends for mounting the Kadee on to is something that could be done fairly straightforward in styrene. Do need to know where that car bolster really should be situated. Have to also make sure the trucks clear those clunky steps (replace those?).  Also do need to know proper car height once the trucks are on new bolsters to get that correct prior to figuring out height up/down of the couplers.  So a few unknowns to extract before moving forward.

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