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We have 7 tiu’s on our layout.  Everything works great with the exception of ps3 engines on one tiu.    If you do a startup of a PS3 engine in tiu 1 zone on any of the output the sound file is scrambled and you just get noise from the engine.  It will operate fine but the sounds are scrambled.  If I start that engine in another tiu zone it works fine.  I did a factory reset of the tiu causing the problem but still get the same result.  This happened once before and we replaced the tiu and it went away.  Ps2 engine work with no problems

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It is complicated at the Club and SUPER mode. Do you operate with your TIU's in SUPER mode? Were you setting up engines while other MTH engines were running on the layout? and operating in that zone?

For now  leave well enough alone and instruct members to do their set up in the dedicated working zones then replace the none working TIU

Call me later as we at TMB have a different approach to setting up engines. We have 5 TIU's in SUPER mode but have only one specific spot for engine set up and do not perform any set up while MTH trains are operating.

Your issue sounds like a TIU gone bad

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Hi Steve   Yes we use the TIU's in Super Mode.  Doesnt matter if there are other engines   I messed with this Sunday morning to test some new engines after a couple of members alerted me to it.  First engine with nothing else on the layout did it  It is the TIU that most members use to load their engines as it is right outside the office   We also leave a tether on that one just in case you cant find your engine   PS2 engines work fine as I added a few on Sunday morning and ran them no problems        Plan is to change that TIU but this is the second time this will be replaced for the same thing   

Interesting issue and I have never heard of that before.  I would not think the engine startup sounds could be different based on the TIU.  I would have thought if a SU command issued it would execute the start up.  Unless the power is somehow corrupted on that output?  But if you start up in a different TIU section then run it in the TIU 1 section it is fine?  G

Ok I have to bring this back to the top   We have more and more PS3 engines at the club and we are getting this mickey mouse sound more and more on multiple engines on multiple TIU's   .  There is another thread about this too that has a video with the sound

So its not a sound file because its multiple engines.  Its not a chain file   Its not a TIU because its across multiple TIU's    It doesnt clear with a factory or feature reset  Only way to get rid of it is to power off all the TIU's and power back up

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