My current control panel has an outline of the layout using pinstriping.  I was never satisfied with the way it came out.


i am rebuilding the control panel and this time I want to create the layout outline using software so that I can take it to some place like Kinkos's to have printed on large heavy stock.  The outline will then be covered by plexiglass.


It has been a while since my software days so I was wondering if anyone could advise me of a PC or iPad application that would be easy to use to create a fairly simple outline using custom page sizes.




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It's a seperate video on just the control panel. I used plexiglass the 1st time... big mistake. Lexan is the way to go. I took my RR tracks jpeg image and sized it to the dimensions I needed and took it to Office Depot and hand them print me a couple of the them. I still used the pin stripes and I think it came on great, you just have to take your time.

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