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Must be a big layout if you need 1,000 crimp terminals.

The layout is not that big, 10 x 20.  However, there is a lot of wire and all  my interconnects are barrier strips and lugs for easy modifications.  Actually I think I'm on my 3rd or 4th box.  It's a lifetime project, I started the layout 30+ years ago.  There is always more.  There are some newer interconnect devices on the market today.  I have a few types, but haven't used them yet.

@Mike CT posted:

Solid wire doesn't need connectors.

Agreed on solid. Same is true for stranded wire if the ends are tinned with solder.

When connecting stranded to terminal strips, posts or wire clamps, tinned stranded wire provides better long term electrical conductivity and physical holding force compared to crimped connectors on bare stranded wire.  Tinned wire connections can still be removed and relocated easily.  Solder has the added benefit of being less expensive than Crimp terminals.

I just found out about Lever Nuts, never seen these before and they work great for quickly adding or removing a connection.  I found 2 bags of 60 each at the Amazon Bin store for $1 each. This one has 2 but I have 3s and 4s.

Thanks for your input.  I have a few Wago Lever Nuts which I have not yet utilized.  I was going to use them on installations which had poor/blind access to support barrier strips.  However the Lever Nuts were too large for my application.

Bin stores are where people buy a semi truck load of Amazon returns.  Dump all the stuff and large bins and sell the items for a fixed price per item.   The owner just dumps all the stuff in these bins and you dig through it.  No returns and opening items are under strict supervision so you don't loose parts. Most stuff is in clear plastic bags so you can get a look.  Pricing starts at $6 per item on Thursday and drops $1 per day until Tuesday where all items are $1.   Then  on Wednesday they fill the bins back up. 

Just Google "Amazon Bin Stores near me" and it will pull them up.

Here is an example.


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