Ed Mullan posted:

The very fact that there even IS a CSX version is amazing, and that goes for the 1776 as well.

I STILL can't believe they spent the money!

I understand they were in Cumberland three or so days ago......and I missed them!


Nether can I but I am glad they did.The locomotive looks very slick and sharp.

EscapeRocks posted:
Dominic Mazoch posted:

Hunter Harrison has passed....  A reason why?

A year and a half ago.  heart attack.

I was thinking the 911 wad painted was because EHH eas gone.  In this case by natural causes......

The TEXAS SPECIAL:  The REAL RED streak of the golden prairies!

NS6770Fan posted:
Farmer_Bill posted:

Just read that CSX 911 and 1776 are at the B&O Museum in Baltimore this weekend! 


Is this confirmed? Where did you hear this?

Sure it is. They are sitting there now. Plenty of photos out there already as well....


I got an email today from the museum about the display


CSX Pride in Service Locomotives
CSX is unveiling two brand-new locomotives right here at the B&O this weekend! Come see "The Spirit of our First Responders" and "The Spirit of Our Armed Forces" before it's too late. These magnificent engines will only be here June 1-2 and on July 13.

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