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@Railrunnin posted:

Nice looking power for the point of a consist.

Stu - what is a Super Bass Dummy unit? Can it be run with any engine or is it tethered to the matching power unit for rev sounds and the like?


Hi Paul,

The Super Bass non-powered can be run with any loco; it's stand-alone.  The SuperBass unit is just like a powered unit in every respect except it has no motors; but it does have smoke, lights, etc.  The main improvement with the SuperBass unit is that the sound system is even better than Lionel regular Legacy sound system.  The sound from a SuperBass unit is deeper and throatier than the powered unit.

If anyone else can chime in and provide more details or better describe Lionel's SuperBass units, please do so.


@Rob Leese posted:

It might be a "close enough" for many.  The AT&SF repainted five SD45-2's for the celebration.


I wasn't going to point that out, but since you mentioned it, yes the prototype was an SD45-2 which lacks the flared radiators of it's -1 predecessor.  However, it is still as close as we are likely to see in O scale.  Not many roads bought the SD45-2.

Still a winner of a project.  I have to credit Stu with the well of creativity when it comes to these special runs.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just wanted to report that I received my two Santa Fe Bicentennial engines(#5700 powered and #5704 superbass) last week from the TCA.   With all the recent issues about engines arriving damaged with broken/missing parts,  loose screws,  etc,  I was a bit apprehensive as to what I'd find after opening the boxes.   Speaking about the boxes.   First thing I noticed on both shipping boxes was the printing,    METCA Santa Fe Bicentennial SD45(Metropolitan Division of TCA which is incorrect).   The white stickers with the item description and catalog number states the same,  except,   they have been overpasted with another white sticker stating TCA Santa Fe Bicentennial SD45 which is correct.   The end flaps of both orange engine boxes are also marked for METCA instead of TCA.   I was chuckling to myself thinking here we go-LOL.   However,  after removing both engines from their boxes and inspecting them with a fine tooth comb,  I am overjoyed to report only 1 minor issue-a loose horn on the cab roof of #5700!   Nothing was broken/damaged,  missing or had loose screws on either engine.   One thing I noticed after removing the top rear fan housing to gain access to the various switches,   there is no longer a wiring harness with clip/connectors to snap onto a 9volt battery that would normally be inside the rear of the body shell.    The paint job on both engines is outstanding.   Both engines are also tightly packed in their styrofoam containers.   I won't have a chance to operate these for a week or two.   But so far,  a big THANKS to STU and his TCA team along with Lionel for producing these beautiful engines.   Here's a couple shots of the #5704 superbass engine.   Almost forgot,   the real #5704 is the only Santa Fe Bicentennial engine that has survived and has just been cosmetically restored to it's Bicentennial paint scheme within the last few months.   It is on it's way to a California museum to be mechanically restored to operating condition.   Info can be found at many websites on the internet.




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@BNSF-Matt posted:

Stunning to say the least, I regret not ordering one now. Perhaps I will find one down the road.

The sounds in them are a bit much, shakes the plastic fans,have to lower the volume a bit so its not vibrating the whole shell.  Just stuffed foam in the fuel tanks in both units to try and stop the vibrations.  If you really want them I'd be open to offers.

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