Using current WinZip version, on Windows 10 PC, I have downloaded the DCS 6.10 update two separate times and unzipped it to my selected folder, but it fails to show in that folder or anywhere else.  WinZip said "2 files unzipped successfully" in each case.  Searching for DCS6_10.exe, the file name, finds nothing.  Has someone had this problem, and knows the solution?

I do have an old computer on Win7, but prefer not to connect it to the internet since no current security support for it.  Windows 10 has been the current operating system for some years now, so doubt that is the problem or there would be information here already.  Don't recall any reference to this kind of problem in reading DCS O Gauge Companion 3rd edition information on updates.


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When you unzip the DCS_6.10.exe file, you get these two files: remote6p10.dcsr and tiu6p10.dcst, try searching for those. 

I just updated my DCS system to 6.10 yesterday using Windows 10, but I don't use Winzip. I extracted the files to a folder where I keep all my DCS related stuff.  

Thanks.  Those do appear, but cannot get them to open.  Given the "open with....." dialog box, leading to online software search that leads to useless download of a Chrome extension, not a program to open the file type.  Acrobat Reader DC offers itself, but does not work to open file.  This can't be so complicated.  Don't these just open and install for others on Win 10?  Or do you just "open" them using the DCS Loader program, and they don't need to be separately "installed" as software on the computer?

The latter is the answer, just tried it.  I thought from reading DCS O Ga Companion that both loader and DCS version software had to be "installed," but it's only the loader program that needs that.  The loader grabs and sends the tiu or remote software to the devices directly, works great.  Had to be a simple answer :-)

Thanks for replying

Yes, you have it, the Loader is installed as an app/program in Windows, then the Loader program itself installs the updates to the TIU and Remote. 

Glad you found the files and got it all figured out. 

here are the 2 files you are talking about I just keep mine on the desktop then I can find them because they are white with remote n tiu designation!





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Files (3)
tiu version 6.10
remote version 6.10
this file creates the remote n tiu file you need for updating

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