DCS remote having hard time finding

Some things to consider:

  • Phone cable is defective.
  • Phone cable isn't 4-pins.
  • After updating the TIU, didn't remove 1/8" stereo jumper and then cycle TIU power, including removing and replacing the USB cable if a Rev. L TIU.
  • Bent or shorted pins inside the TIU's Remote Input port, or the port on the remote.

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I have both of your books.  I will do those steps to check my update with the TIU.  I am really trying to get things going so I can enjoy my remote or Wi-Fi of my trains.  Sadly, I lost my father last year, and he was the one who instilled the love of real steam engines and this incredible hobby.  I wished that I had shared the new incredible changes to O Gauge railroading because it is very realistic and enjoyable.  I had a lot of responsibility before he died, and I didn't get to do what was truly important.  Time together with your immediate family is a precious gift from God.  When I posted before, it seemed like I didn't understand, but I was dealing with the issues in life.  I truly will share this joy of model trains with my family from now on.


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