Remembering December 7, 1941 is a personal thing for me. As so many of our WWII soldiers and sailors have passed on, we need to keep their memories and history alive for our future generations.

In that vein, I have made it my practice at RMT to letter or number Navy items with a reference to Pearl Harbor...

1. Water Tower/US Navy Pearl Harbor99531-32 US NAVY website 50

2. Caboose US NAVY #120741 Pearl Harbor96932 NAVY #120741 CABOOSE

3. BEEP Diesel US Navy Pearl Harbor #524322 navy #52 photo

4. Boxcar US Navy #120741 Pearl Harbor96432 RMT x

5. Tank Car US Navy #120741 Pearl Harbor

6. Coal Hopper US Navy #120741 Pearl Harbor96232 US NAVY for OGR ad

  Thanks to all who have served and are currently serving in US Armed Forces.




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Thanks for posting this.

The Army News ran a story for the 75th year observance, 3 years ago in 2016.

Former OGR Forum poster, David Vergun, wrote a nice piece from the Army's perspective and used a couple of my father's photos (you can read the captions if you click on "show caption"). He was stationed there soon after the attack to both help in protecting the area (no one knew if there would be additional attacks) and for training.



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