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Any word on the delivery date of the streamline 30-1693? This is now showing September.

The 30-1692 was expected this past April but has now been scheduled for October.

Also, any reason why the number changed on this engine from one catalog to another? It appears as though they are the same.




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30-1692 is cab number 692, 30-1693 for cab number 693, or at least it was in the catalog.

as for delivery, if you and I paid our bills like toy train manufacturers adhered to catalog delivery dates you'd be foreclosed, on and walking without your repossessed automobile.

Any manufacturing companies run into delays and other issues MTH just seems to have more than their share. But be patient, if it hasn't been cancelled, it'll get here eventually. Maybe in time for

April, September, October, December, , hopefully no later or I have disappointed grand son at Christmas


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