@Tinplate Art It is a Mettoy Joytown Station from the UK ..

The quality of many mettoy items probably traces back to the founder Phillip Ulmann, a jewish man who fled Germany for the UK during Hitler's rise to power in the early 30's . Although aimed at the cheaper end of the market Mettoy often had much more detailed lithography than say Brimtoy.

Mettoy was founded in 1933 by Ulmann and a former employee of his Arthur Katz . Ulmann was originally one of the founders ( the Co )  of Tipp & Co in Germany , a firm that is highly collectible in the tin toy world and made some of the best tinplate before the war  . What I find of great interest is that Ulmann was first offered space to produce toys in the Bassett-Lowke factory and he used the profits to aid further refugees trying to escape Germany. He and Katz made use of that generous partnership  up until 1937 when Mettoy was then succesful enough to build its own premises

During the war period toys were discontinued and the factory turned over to wartime production making munitions and portable stoves used by the troops So Ulmann before and after the war had a direct involvement in aiding those who disagreed with Hitlers plans...

 After the war things went back to tin toys and soon diverged into cast metal toys , indeed starting the Corgi line in competition to the established Dinky toys ...



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Tinplate Art posted:

The NOMA station is certainly a venerable destination! Great original box! Does the sound mechanism still work?

Don't know; I borrowed that photo. The Noma Station that I have does not have the player. Mine is also missing a pillar.




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