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Has anyone seen this before? The motors on a 2-6-6-2 are running at different speeds. This is a Lion-master (not Legacy) that I purchased a long time ago; sold to me a used. Didn't have time to trouble shoot at that time.

I have disassembled the front truck and discovered the pinion on the motor has worn a groove into the brass gear in the truck; the rear truck assembly shows no such wear.

Obviously, the difference in motor speed (faster on front truck) has caused the unusual wear on the brass gear.

I was thinking about "bridging" the voltage going to the motors some way but decided to ask for advice on this forum.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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It's normal, by design. All of the Lionmaster articulateds do it when there's no load.

All modern dual can motored diesels also operate in the same manner. When a load is placed on the faster set of drivers more voltage is sent to the slower set. It's the way the speed control works when there is on 1 motor with a sensor on it.

I think your gear wear could be attributed to something else. I.e. lack of lubrication. Etc.

As you probably already know.. Lionmaster articulateds have no grease ports.

The only way to lube them is by removing the motor from the powered truck. Many folks are probably not aware or comfortable with this.

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