Dirt Cheap Trains & Accessories

Dennis Holler posted:

Yeah, I fall into this category for sure....

$50 shipped

50 buck shipped lot

Bunch of shells $11

bunch of Lionel shells 11 bucks

Won this stuff with a $1 bid on ebay + $25 shipping nice Kusan alco

new junk 2new junk 3new junk1

Won this as only bidder for $39 plus $25 shipping.  Three sets, one a 2055 steamer, one 2035 and a prewar 249E set... plus some Marx stuff as well. Tenders have steps and marker jewels made it too.

aug junk 1aug junk 2Aug junkaug junk3aug junk4

Two Flyer sets $49

More AF EBAY lotsMore AF EBAY lots-2

More AF EBAY lots3

Two AF 545's and a ton of parts pretty cheap $50ish I think


All this junk came from Ebay by the way and several I was the only bidder.  It's not for everyone but hey it sure is fun...

$20 shipped

Flyer 583 crane


More or less $200 for all of the above trains..  6 plus sets plus another bunch of engine's etc.....I love projects...



Now you're talking Dennis.  I have one set of shelves full of the same stuff.  Where would we be without a tumbler and wire brushes?

Lou N


I really enjoy restoring old equipment. For example, this 2026 engine it is a great smoker and looks great with the high quality metals used. 

I also have a retro layout with vintage track and buildings and accessories. 

A small amount of money can go a long ways

Dave B, from Tacoma, WA, TCA #14-70330



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Arnold D. Cribari posted:

Kenny , I greatly enjoyed reading your inspirational Post.

I totally respect and admire those of us  who have the mechanical ability, knowledge and skills to "bring trains back from the dead," as Kenny said.  A hobbyist that can do that save a lot of money; make money by buying something cheap, fixing it, and selling it at a profit; and make more money fixing trains for those, like me, whose mechanical ability is very limited, or fixing trains for those who do not have the time or desire to fix their own trains.

I love the idea of turning lemons into lemonade regarding trains and all aspects of life.





I surf ebay quite a bit. Most of the postwar steam and diesel, engines I've purchased were commonly listed as, haven't been run in yrs, runs but moves sluggish, or makes a screeching noise when it runs, whistle doesn't whistle but makes a clicking or humming noise. If the price is right I'll purchase it.  Almost always they need a little cleaning, greasing, oiling, rewiring and they run like they are new. Yes, it feels good bringing these little pieces of machinery back to life.

Mike, Thank you for the explanation on how Atlas did it!  Great work on the Montour, Shawmut, and the Burlington SW9s.  I have admired your photographs of the Shawmut and Montour engines before.  Being from Western Pennsylvania, they always catch my eye!

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