Do you think that the new Lionel GP-9's have dual motors??

According to the description on pg 30-31 of the Big Book, it refers to pg 20-21 for features showing Dual Motors in Legacy Diesels. It's not that I don't believe them, I thought it would be a tight fit in there for a GP-9. Any ideas? thanks.

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Right, but the O.P. is asking specifically about Lionel Legacy Geeps.  

Like TRNLUVR stated above, I have a Legacy Erie GP7 and it also has dual motors.

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My four Legacy GP engines (NYC and Pennsylvania) have two motors.  The motor in the cab has a round black plastic masking hiding the motor. There are LEDs above the engineer and other crew member that illuminate each separate side of the cab.  You cannot see through the cab because the vertical can motor with black masking screen is in that space.  I love the engines. They perform well.

Dual motors have been in Lionel diesel engines for years.







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It's hard to find a Legacy diesel without dual motors.  However, to my amazement, the Vision Line Genset only has one motor!   It's a pretty good puller in any case, doubtless due to the diecast shell and the resultant weight of the locomotive.

Thirdrail SD9  Has a single motor, horizontal drive.   Note the lower truck, drive shaft(s) and universal joint to the fuel tank. There is a belt connection, fuel tank area to the motor in the body frame (I think/with out tearing it apart). .  Mike CT 

IMO,  Relatively complex drive train compared to a vertical can motor.  Two vertical cans probably the most economical production model. 



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