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I have a DZ 1000 switch machine and a wire broke free from the solder joint. It is the newer ones that do not have the screws to tighten the wires which is really cheap and ridiculous. Can you please tell me a way to reconnect, resolder a wire back on a switch machine? All help will be appreciated as usual. I don't see how you can get a soldering iron in that small area to resolder.

Much thanks, Jerry20181230_165046


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If you feel uncomfortable soldering in that tight of a space, do yourself a favor, call Dennis Zander and send it to him for repair.

Do yourself a BIG favor, always have several spares so you are not out of operation when something happens.  Use terminal blocks to connect the wiring so connecting/disconnecting power is simple.




Jerry A posted:

Yea, I will and please know that I modified this blog after getting responses on how good the Z stuff people are.

Thank you, Jerry

Better thread today, Jerry.  But you can't let go of the "really cheap and ridiculous" remark while you ask for assistance.  I get it; you miss the old attachment method.  Let Dennis help you to get  past the anger.  And Happy New Year to you and everyone here.

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