Eddie Murphy layout 2007

I found some old pics of a layout from a good friend that succumbed to pancreatic cancer.  Eddie was known as Eddieniagra on the forum.  He was a character.  He reminded me of Luca Brazzi from the Godfather.  He built a second floor on his home on Staten Island just for his train layout.



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Nice layout. Can see you and he were good friends. The layout and the smiles say it all.


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prrhorseshoecurve posted:

BTW, which one is EddieNiagra?

Not in any pictures.  After having some food and drink with his family in the basement we went upstairs and Eddie started coughing up blood.  This was the first day he started getting sick.  He was downstairs at the time we were snapping pics

I unfortunately never had the chance to meet Eddie, but I remember he had no room in his house for a layout and put an entire upper floor on his house so he could have a beautiful layout. Thanks Ben for posting these pictures , it brought back a lot of good memories. 








Here is a picture of Eddie Murphy and Richard Maddox at his home about December 2005 as Dick just retired from Atlas and I told him he had to see Eddie's layout. The layout and story was featured on the front cover in the OGR magazine, don't remember the run number. Eddie raised the roof of his house to build the layout there.

Eddie would always say he was the "white" Eddie Murphy. He was in his glories that day when we visited his house. Dick signed the car he was holding in the picture.

Eddie was a good friend, one of the nicest guys you would want to know. I will say you wanted to be on his good side as he had some "friends" whose names ending in vowels! Lol! 



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