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Will the Electric Railroad Company be at York this  October, or any vender that may be selling their products? I am really interested in purchasing a TMCC module for my Lionel Milk Car, and I have a few questions about the installation process that I would like to clear up.


Richard Gonzales

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You can also program with a jumper before you put the car shell back on.  That way you can avoid the dance GunRunnerJohn mentions.  But if needed the dance music will still play in the future.

If you want to chat about it I will be at York (All the way from Utah!), and so will some shady John Will character in the Orange hall.  I'll stop by and say hi John.


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I'll see you there Jim, you're coming a long way!  I'm making the leisurely drive from SE-PA, it's around two hours.

I was never enamored with the Soft Set as it doesn't always seem to take.  I like the positive effect of a jumper.  Actually, on a number of little units, I've just put a reed switch inside across the program pins.  A little magnet on the outside and I can configure without having to hack holes for a switch.  I typically stick the little magnet on the frame somewhere so I have it if I need to configure again.

Another recommendation is to add a real antenna, the little loop they have on the MC doesn't always generate a strong enough signal.

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