I'm looking for advice on installing speed control in an Atlas TMCC Dash 8.

I'm guessing that the easiest methos is to use ERR Cruise M - has anyone done this?

How easy was it?

Thanks for any advice/insights

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First off, does the locomotive have the Lionel board set or something like TAS?  The CC-M would only apply to the Lionel board set, then you just replace the DCDR, a very easy swap.  In addition, you now can add working ditch lights if you so desire, they're available off the CC-M as an optional output.

Not true. I have upgraded plenty of ATLAS Diesel that used Lionel Modular Set up with Generic Diesel 4.0 RS.  Even with smoke.  So if it is modular, an easy swap to CCM.  I think I even had one that had Lionel Modular stuff, but they used K-Line Cruise motor driver.  Think it was an F-3 ABA Set,  G

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Thanks for advice/info.

I don't have the Dash 8 yet so I don't know which version I'll be working with.

I'd prefer one of the later models with EOB or ERR but they don't come up often so I wanted to check the feasibility of upgrading an earlier model.

I have a TAS EOB board - thank you GRJ!. If the one I find has a SAW board, then hopefully the footprint will be the same. If not, it looks like ERR Cruise Commander is the answer.

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