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A friend of mine is installing a Mini Commander EX and a new RailSounds Commander from ERR.  He has followed the serial wire connection shown in the installation manual (diagram on page 8) for the RailSounds Commander.  He can't get the sounds to work.

Has anyone successfully installed a Mini Commander EX with RailSounds?  How did you make it work?

Thanks in advance! 

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In the past, the MC-EX has been flaky with sounds.  I took to using either a standard R2LC or one of the many RCDR receiver boards that Lionel has available, those have proper serial data.

I'm starting a "deluxe" version of an R2LC motherboard, you can see it here.

Smart Locomotive R2LC Motherboard Project

The nice thing here is you can populate as little as you need , depending on the application.  If you only need the basics, just one or two connectors and the R2LC pins would do the trick, I already used a couple of my prototypes in exactly that way.  It's actually way more than the MC-EX, but it'll obviously work in a lot more scenarios.

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