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I have been spending some time repainting various engines to expand my Canadian Pacific fleet. I just finished repainting a MTH 2 rail Santa Fe scale GP38 to match the current script paint scheme of an engine in the Royal Canadian Pacific engine fleet. Used Tamiya spray cans for plastic and excellent Black Cat decals. I moved the bell, headlights and horn to match the current engine. It is pulling a set of Weaver script hopper cars. 

I had done a pair of old Rivarossi C-Liners a while back, still need to find the windows. They run OK will pull a few cars. Also in the photos an old Atlas F9 and Weaver FA B unit custom painted and factory painted Atlas GP7. 

I liked the MTH old style passenger cars but they did not do them in CP. I picked up a couple of different sets and rather then repaint the whole set and try to pull all those windows I cut some styrene strips to the # board size and painted these up and had some custom decals done to fit and used double sided tape to add these and passenger car names to cover what was on there. The paint is close enough to CP colors. 

Also have been painting up some CP box cars from the old Atlas 1970's box cars and other cheap freight cars picked up at shows over the years. Use CDS decals. Finally getting some time to do these projects with Covid all the regular train shows and displays I do during the year are off of course so having some good fun getting long awaited projects done.

Here is a link to some photos  I posted of the Royal Canadian Pacific heritage fleet of engines and #2816 Empress steam trips from 10+ years past;




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Yes it was a quick and easy way to get a set of CP vintage passenger cars. I had hoped to pull them with one of my Canadian Pacific Weaver or Sunset brass engines; I bought the MTH 2 rail scale replacement trucks to use on these six cars they have good wipers to pickup power. Took a bit of work to remove the 3 rail couplers from the 2 rail scale trucks! ?? But while the wipers work well for power pickup they add enough drag so that none of my smaller CP steam engines that I had intended to pull them for a more close to era consist will do the job. At best I can get the steam engines to pull 2 to 3 cars only so have the diesels pulling them for now. 

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