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@Goody posted:

Are Lionel exploded parts diagrams still available on the Lionel website?  Is so, how do I access them?  Specifically, I want to bring up the hot box reefer 6-29842.

This should suffice.  Different road name but the innards should be the same.

Merchant’s Despatch Transit Hot Box Reefer

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Marty, Thanks for your help.  I found the correct horseshoe washer, rubber, nearly closed and about 1/8" thick.  Now, the question is how is it to be mounted?  Thus, my quest for the exploded diagram.  The truck came loose and the mounting screw under the speaker is not staying tight, thus the washer was bouncing inside the car and when I lifted the car from the track, the truck fell off.  Incidentally, the car operates perfectly.

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