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What would you do with an extra BCR? I ordered one when I bought my Pennsy Decapod with the intention of replacing the battery in the engine. When the engine arrived I found that it already had a BCR installed... it’s the only MTH engine on my roster so I don’t have an immediate need for it. I’m not opposed to picking up more MTH power, but don’t have any plans to do so any time soon...

Seems like there’s no reason to install the fresh BCR in the engine because the one that’s in it already is working fine... so that leaves putting it on the shelf in case I decide to buy another MTH loco, or moving it along to another MTH loco owner...

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Do yourself a big favor.  Place a small label stating "BCR installed" on the bottom of the locomotive in a place where you can see it.  That way there is no question about having a BCR installed.


I will definitely do this! At this particular point in time I know that 100% of my MTH motive power has a BCR (this is the only MTH engine I have), but that situation could change in the future...

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