Is there a Fairmont speeder available in O scale? I have searched the net and cannot find one. I seem to remember that there once was a White metal kit for one. Anyone have any info on one?

Thanks, Malcolm 

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Keil Scale City Designs...had a speeder/trailer kit, #460.  Not sure if it's 'Fairmont'-accurate,  but I'm sure it's close.

Also, Atlas...offered a speeder (and shed) as part of their O scale Cornerstone line...933-2701.

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This is the very basic Walthers speeder I only have it because I wanted the tower that came with it. I have a Keil line one but never got around to building it maybe when I turn 80 I will build it as a birthday present to myself! Ha Ha. Roo.DSC04138


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I built one using an old Period Miniatures Kit. This was O scale...very tedious construction with less than comprehensive instructions. nevertheless it turned out nice,Pennsy Speeder & Trailer [1)Pennsy Speeder & Trailer [5)Speeder & Trailer [2)Speeder & Trailer [8)Speeder & Trailer [9) and I also found a cart for it from the same supplier...makes a nice piece to park on a siding. A few photos enclosed.



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Well I tried I spent an hour looking through endless boxes of kits but never came up with a PM kit. I did this because to me, your a "good bloke" and an Aussie saying that means you like and respect that person, might sound funny but it's true.

I thought I might have had one spare, back in the days when I seemed to have plenty of money, I used to buy two of every USA kit that came out not every kit on the market mind you only the kits that I favoured I think I supported the O Scale industry single handed once. I always paid full retail price I was never a dealer even though my dear wife Margaret insists I still to this day have a hobby shop in our house ! Not true, I prefer the term "Model Railroad workshop" and yeah I admit I am a hoarder, I wish I could give more of the items away but no one over here are true USA O scale modellers that would appreciate them. If by chance I come across this kit I will let you know even if you don't want it, I usually find things when I'm not looking for them! Good luck. Roo.


How very kind of you! I hope one day I can match your level of scenery work. Mine never looks as good as yours. I would be very interested in that kit if you find it. I would also be more than happy to compensate you for it.

Many thanks Nev, you are a good bloke too (I borrowed your word)!


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flanger posted:

Here's a clue Nev...look for a bright orange colored box....about the size of your hand and about an inch thick.


Bob.  That will help.

And Malcolm not promising anything, but if I do find it it's free I have plenty more than I should have. Nev.

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