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Hello I'm just a former HO modeler just now getting into lionel fastrack. I have built a couple of 4x8 modules to fit my space, along with a 2x4 module . The overall space available is 8x16 ft with access on 3 sides. I really need some ideas on how to configure these pieces for the space- I can add some small sections if I need to. Thanks for any help.

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Planning help requires a little more than space dimensions.  Are there any poles, windows, doors or utilities to contend with?  How do you like to run your railroads (looping OK or realistic operations required?

Provide at least a rudimentary sketch of your space and operating ideas and someone will respond.


Columbus, OH Union Station
Columbus, OH Union Station



If I had your space I would build a table like this. The wider side is good for either a yard or city area and the narrow side for country scenery. The open space allows access. You would have to build another 4x8 section and another 2x4 section. 8x16 table plan

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Thanks guys , there are no windows or obstructions in the way. I thought about tying the U together with a narrow section of benchwork /bridge to allow at least one continuous loop of operation . It never even dawned on me to use triangle fillers to ease some of the curves . I'll try to post a sketch later . 

This table is 4 x16 with a 2x4 extension on each end .  I share the basement with a lot of other stuff , so what looked like a lot of room at first filled up and brought me back to earth . I really like one of ken o scales plans for this space but still want to tie the extensions together for a larger loop. The gap is 8 ft and wouldn't leave much of an operating "well" anyway , more like access for the middle. I went with the home depot indoor outdoor carpet for a clean starting point but will try to add some removable scenery later. Most of the bus wiring is ran but not shown in these pics , I'm only 53 but crawling around under things is not fun anymore . 

Nice looking table! 

I have to agree with moving the control panel. You would be rubber necking from the center. One of the ends may work for you. Then, you don't have to move your head to see the whole layout. Provides a good place for visitors or just watching the trains yourself.


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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Having the panel move just makes for needing a lot of cables to attach it.

I agree but must admit I have 2 roll out control panel that I bought from Mainne and LOVE them. It allows me to push them under bench after starting everything yet wheel them out for working or even table top access. Like everything there are pluses and minuses.


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