Rebuilding a American Flyer wide gauge electric motor and I would like to replace the fiberboard for the pickup rollers. Anyone know a source or a suggestion for a replacement? Thanks for any input.




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I believe TRC made some reproductions. However, Lyle Cain passed in 1990 and Dick Mayer stopped taking orders and closed shop in early 2010 before passing in 2012.

Looks like Trainz cataloged the part as 4678-2 or 4678-2M.

Another place to look would be Olsens, but @sharon.ottparts frustratingly turns off the website once orders build up.

Hard fiber or bone fiber is available from Mc Master Carr Supply, but only in gray. You could get a sheet of it and cut it out yourself. It warps badly if it gets damp. Keep it in a warm dry place. Amazing stuff, it is an excellent electrical insulator and heat and arc resistant. Made from cotton fibers, no asbestos. 

G-10 is fiberglass board, and it is VERY hard on saws.  I don't know where the idea that it's brittle comes from, it's VERY strong and is quite difficult to break.  Fiberboard is wood and epoxy and while still somewhat hard on saws, it's a LOT more brittle than G-10 Fiberglass.

G-10 Fiberglass Epoxy Laminate

I'm not sure why arc resistance was mentioned, 100 seconds for the ASTM-D495 test sounds pretty good to me.   Anything that has a wood component like fiberboard would surely not be a super arc resistant material I would think.  Wood chars easily, makes charcoal, thus you have conduction.

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