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I picked up this O gauge American Flyer set atIMG_3828IMG_3829IMG_3830IMG_3831IMG_3832IMG_3833IMG_3834IMG_3835IMG_3836IMG_3837 the local consignment/ thrift store today.   All of my other prewar is Lionel so I am looking for information about the set,   Especially the engine and tender.  Some interesting things about the engine is the cow catcher is not solid,   The trailing truck has 2 journal boxes but only one set of wheels.    When looking at the inside of the truck I do not see holes for a set of wheels in front of the truck.   The tender is an oil type and has a whistle.  The headlight Bessel is brass or copper.   


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jim sutter posted:

I maybe wrong but I think you have your caboose backwards.

Jim,   good catch,       yes it is backwards for what most people think is normal.  The reason is the other side has more rust and chipped paint.     There are pictures of prototype Railroads running the caboose cupola on the forward side.


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First year for the Hudson.  Trailing truck correct.  Tender needs Flyer's special 4 rail track to activate whistle. You can see an ebay listing here.PREWAR AMERICAN FLYER O GAUGE TRAIN WHISTLE TRACK 4 RAIL BANKED CARDBOARD BASE.  I have a couple of these Hudsons and some will make it on lionel's 31" diameter curves but they don't like it.  They were designed for 40" I believe.  Nice smooth runners.


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