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as many of you have already seen on Facebook I had my first train movement (yes, it‘s not a train without caboose). I‘m really satisfied how everything turns out.


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Very nice weathering job. However, something doesn't sound right for a 3 cylinder locomotive. Yes, I have been around many 3 cylinder locomotives in what previously was East Germany, and something seems to be missing in that video. There is a very well done recording of a UP 9000 class locomotive, by either Howard Fogg or Stan Kistler, which shows off the "out-of-step" 3 cylinder exhaust. As a comparison, the MTH UP 9000 class models reproduce that 3 cylinder sound VERY well.

Sarah, you do wonderful work, your weathering style is top notch, in my opinion! You don't over do it, it's a nice balance of dirt and grime! And congratulations on your first run, also!


And as the sunset faded, I spoke to the faintest first starlight.
And I said next time, Next time, We'll get it right!

Thanks folks, most kind!

Dear Hotwater, when running forward she sounds better. Have you watched the second video? Here is a comparison:

It‘s not that far away. But I know what you mean. Beats 1 and 4 could be more accentuated. And there is a slight whobble in all of that. Maybe I will have once the skill to tune the sound that way. For now that‘s good enough :-)


Wonderful job Sarah!  Your weathering of the locomotive and tender is great!  Thanks for showing us! 

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

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I have never heard a 3 cylinder locomotive, nor have I heard a recording.  I have always heard "Offbeat Thunder" as a description, so that lead me to believe the drivers were quartered with the center crankpin at 45 degrees.  Not so, apparently - these things are 120 degrees apart on crankpins, which would lead me to believe six evenly spaced chuffs per revolution.

The big Baldwin was quartered, but it was a compound.  Nobody alive heard that one.

That makes this a wildly uneducated comment.  And on re-reading, one with too much lead content.

Very cool, I actually didn't realize that the 4-12-2 was a three-cylinder locomotive, learn something new here every day.   Great looking train Sarah, time to stick a caboose on that one.

This lady ROCKS !  Sarah,  it is so rare for a woman to have enough interest in trains to develop the skills you have.  You mentioned your grandfather and how he planted the seed. I think I speak for everyone on the forum we would love for you to share the path that brought you here and where you picked up these skills.  Loved the post, several months or so back, where you had the loco frame clamped in a vise.          j

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