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Hello Tinplate world ...P Fickeissen of Richmond Hill, NYC...was the head cook,and bottle washer of the " The Fixen Line" ..hobby shop ..and manufacturing OO, O and Standard gauges. The Fixen MU cars are a marriage of two Ives 185 coaches, an O gauge motor with extended axles ..fine paint job with good quality broom ....41 powered and 41 un-powered are listed as available in 1934 standard gauge.
The Fixen main factory and corporate head quarters ..( reported English basement of a home / store front ) ...was 100 feet from the BMT station for the Jamaica line...which ran subway / elevated cars just like,..ok close they had wheels ..the Fixen cars .
Well it appears at least one set was made for 1 gauge ....all Fixen cars are stamped ...with serial numbers you really need to collect all of them to have a complete set are #16 and #25 ...please see link for action packed video


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