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I have the FORCE 10 and FORCE 11 chips, haven't quite figured what I do with them.

I can tell you they fixed one PS/1 board, but I'm not sure why.  I had exhausted all my other options and I figured "what the heck", stick it in there.  To my amazement, it came to life!  I've never had a similar success after that.

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I had access to several different MTH service manuals and things changed over time in those manuals in how those chips were used.  I do think they are software versions, that would be used depending on what version of the top board you had, and would variation of software in the chip.

Hence the solution for an old early version 93 to 96, could require upgrade to the newer top board with new chip with update software.

This was QSI system.

I am starting to see guys send in stuff that is MTH engine with QSI 3000 stuff, or some version of the TAS or DD TMCC conversion that are no longer working.

Really can't do anything as all 3 companies out of business.  QSI in the O line ProtoSounds.


George and John, the fix1011 chip is about the only other one next to the Make PS chip that you should ever need to use.   That is the chip you want to use when you have lights but no sound or motion.  I have used this often and it gets it done.  Way back when I first went to MTH school, these chips were highly protected and we had to sign for them.

George you are correct on that early board issue.  The pre 96 board was 2 meg and after 96 it was a 4 meg board.   That transition period was a pita as the pre 96 needed a pure sine wave transformer.

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