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So, at the May Kutztown meet I bought this junk Plasticville factory building for $1.00


Using that, pieces from my Plasticville parts junk box, a old printer cartridge for the HVAC unit, blister packaging plastic for the windows, some balsa, misc junk and some paint, I made this:


Overall, the new building's footprint is 19 x 10"

I have a place on Warrenville where I want to put it (replacing my farm) but I can't figure out how to get access to that area for placement, scenery, etc


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Lionelski John, I always enjoy seeing what creative endeavors people undertake with Plasticville. Nearly everyone has or has had Plasticville buildings on their layouts. Some go for the nostalgia and keep them as is. Others paint them up to give them some variety, and a little more realism.  I always start my P-ville projects with painting the pieces with a dark grey primer to make them opaque when illuminated from the inside.

I've always told folks who are interested in doing some train car repaints or kitbashing, to start off and hone your skills by working on Plasticville buildings. And while some of them might have some value if they are still sealed in their original boxes, or are an unusual color variation, there are plenty of them out there that are pretty common, or in less-than-desirable condition.

And John, if your "beater" here was an original Plasticville factory, good for you. I bought one of the newer ones and several pieces were severely warped. This has happened with a few other newer production P-ville items. Must be a change in the composition of the plastic that make them more prone to warping. But even here there's a fix: I had to brace the warped pieces with glued on pieces of basswood.

Your second photo down, got me wondering: What building is that from? It looks familiar.

Then the fourth photo down with the shed off to the far right gave it away... the Lionel Coaling Tipple kit.

Good work.

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Thanks brianel027

Yes, I found that modern Plasticville is frequently warped - previous projects using modern Plasticville factory, ranch house and apartment building parts were all warped.

Yup, parts from the coal tipple were in my junk box. The roof on the tall section was cut down from a K-line factory's roof.

Right now I'm working on another expanded Plasticville Cape Cod house project - this one with a double garage. I'll post pics of both of these when I'm finished.

Your Plasticville repaint thread was already one of my favs, thanks for the hint to check it out again. On 11/13/20 I posted some pics of my custom cabooses there. My custom cabeese  were also featured in a 4 page article in the April 2021 issue of the LCCA's The Lion Roars.

I love projects!!

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