GP 35 (6-38865) Legacy will not run with the Legacy Controls,  I think all instructions for operating in conventional mode were followed. Using a CW 80 transformer, the engine will turn on operate (noise only) and then slow to what I think is  "idle" speed (engine is not moving). Bell will work, not the horn,

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Which did you plug in first, your transformer or your Legacy base? If you plugged in your transformer first, then your engine is running in conventional mode and does not see the Legacy. Plug in your Legacy first in order for it to function probably.


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legacy was powered first, then the track power.

I was hoping to run conventional since Legacy is not working, cost too much to repair when you add freight 2 ways from Dallas to the East coast. I have 2 vision line engines and both work great,

Thanks for the comment.



I suspect that the TMCC receiver has become dislodged from the RCMC.  I've seen this several times.  This little board plugs into the main board.  Apparently, this was enough of a problem that Lionel now solders them on.


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Brent,  I have worked on many of these Lionel Legacy GP35 engines with 28 in my collection.  The GP35 is an easy engine to open. Closing the engine requires guiding the battery cable so it does not pinch between the chassis and body shell, and avoiding pulling the antenna wire out of the board. I slide the body shell on, front end first to get it to align around the Cab interior. Check that no wire gets run over the top of the smoke unit.

I have pushed the board connections together on an occasion or two.  (I have switched non-powered body shells onto eight GN GP35 Legacy chassis that I bought from a dealer, in order to make a third powered with sound & smoke for a three engine consist in several road names.)

If there is an engine to attempt to open,  the GP35 is one of the simplest. Put the body panhead screws in a small dish so you don't lose them.  The body shell will lift up and be laid on its side with all wires connected between chassis components and the engine shell. 

Check that the antenna wire coming from the roof metal plate is plugged into a board.  It is the shortest of the interior wires and could get pulled out.  You will see the two boards Gunrunner John pictured. Push then gently together and see if they get closer together. There are two rows of pins that should plug into each other.

THE ORIGINAL TRACTION TIRES on the GP35 and some F3s were too fat/thick and raised the wheel high enough off the rail that the wheel flange could not guide the trucks through switches and around curves.  The outside edge of these too thick traction tires will wear and bevel themselves causing the engine to jump the track.  The correct traction tire is Lionel part number #6208815206.  I just replaced the traction tires on a 6-38875 B&O GP9 #6456 that wore the edges of the too fat traction tires and jumped a switch.

Maintenance on traction tires and smoke units will be a regular job over the lifetime of your engine.

Sincerely, John Rowlen


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Boxed the GP 35 and got it ready to ship but decided to try to repair a shot. Removed the shell not a problem but wow are those screws small.

The receiver was off the Main board but it may have been pulled off when lifted the shell.

Reinstalled the receiver to the main board made sure it was a good fit and placed on the track and the engine would not enter the Legacy mode, reprogrammed to be sure, and must be a bad part.

Are the parts listed below the ones need to repair the engine? Looks like the 691RCMC340 includes the receiver, as the Receiver board is not available.

Also, why will the engine not operate in "Conventional" mode?  All instructions were followed


691RCMC340RCMC / RECEIVER / DRIVER / GP-35 / 6-3886552$120.00Click to view part.Must contact Lionel to order.
691RCVRB01RECEIVER BOARD / RCMC53$32.00Click to view part.Unavailable

Thanks for your comments


The RCMC comes with the receiver board, so you can get the parts.  Check the receiver board CLOSELY, the pins are brittle and I've had several with a pin broken off.

FWIW, Lionel now solders the receiver to the RCMC and considers them one part in current production.

Decided to try to install the RCMC/RECEIVER/DRIVER .

This is my problem:

Connecting the wire to the smoke unit and to the connector it fits on the board  #J7. The J7 connector on  the new Receiver board is smaller than the J7 slot on the orginal.

Anyone have this problem, a good solution?Also, on the bottom of the Receiver unit, where the screw attaches to the engine, there is/was  a white liquid, anyone know what this is?

J8 is the top right , connectors going up/down. J7 is the second connectors and the connectors are going right to left.

Pictures do not show a big difference but thought I would ask the question. Installing the board was not a huge problem, made pictures . Do not know how to draw lines on the pictures , hope I explained OK






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GRJ.,  Thanks. I did not think about about counting the pins, just too easy.

I did call Lionel this afternoon and Katie(?) returned my call, all service folks were gone for the day, she asked me to Email her the pictures Monday to her attention and the issue would be resolved. 




Thanks for all the comments.

Lionel originally shipped the wrong part but after several days, reviewed the pictures and the correct part was received 12/23/19. Installed today without a lot of (some) problems.

On the way to the garage to put on track, my wife looked at me and said "good luck" with a smile, my mechanical skills have a lot to be desired but I did good this time.

Thanks again



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