Gravel parking lots

I found a small fill at Michael's Arts and Crafts, in the dried flower section. Come's in black, grey, brown. I used the grey for this area in a yard and added some brown to tone it down a bit. I may add some weathering to it too at some point. Makes a good boarder on a road too.

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Three Rails Are Better Than None 


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Here are shot shots of my N scale layout but the principals are the same. I purchased rock from Arizona Rock & Mineral. The have all different sizes and colors, including a fine powder form. I got a couple of different colors and mixed them together. Glued it down with diluted white glue mixture and a little pit of soap. Once the glue is in place you can make ruts. Here is Arizona's website.





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John A posted:

NORTON- seeing a Ted's hotdog stand, you must be from WNY.   Joey Ricard's site Trackside Scenery has great tips for gravel roads/lots. John A


Lived here most of life and am old enough to remember their original location under the Peace Bridge.



IMG_1296Then there was Freddie's Doughnuts! Here is a gravel road on Fusion Fiber. I like it because it doesn't end up sheet of glass flat. I used a kitchen strainer to get fines from a pile of crushed stone I keep for the driveway. 


Located in the real Upstate NY


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I also found that HO and N ballast worked for me. Used diluted white glue with a few drops of detergent in it as the others described. I'm not finished with it quite yet. It is still a work in progress  



Santa Cruz Portland Cement #2


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I have four gravel parking areas, two of which are at depots, another is the area at a gas station/country store, and a fourth is surrounding an area of Marston Matting where the Army parks their vehicles.

All are made with HO scale Woodland Scenics gravel/ballast.

I'm also quite proud of the section of gravel road going to the main road from one of the depots...

wild mary posted:

I love this scene Lee.  Saving it for future reference.



I used a static grass mat made by a German company named Heki. I just cut and stretched a strip into what was properly spaced as the center of a rural road, then placed more along each side. I very easy to complete effect which I really liked how it turned out.

Such a shame it was right next to the only mainline HO scale turnout on a layout which otherwise uses Micro Engineering On30 track, but nobody makes a curved On30 turnout...

I use rolled roofing material for a ballast mat.  That way you use less ballast when you ballast the track.  I also used it for this gravel lot.  The stones are a bit large for a gravel lot, but it works.  Plus if your lot is 22" x 32, you would have a lot of left over roofing material.




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As a head start, and base dirt under gravel being a variable depending on regions in mind, a very coarse sandpaper with lesser amounts of chosen ballast to grey it out more (assuming you even want more "fresh" grey and not more "dirty dusty" browns/blacks.)

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