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Just wanted to post this short  video of John Wills MP3 Universal Sound Module. I had been trying for awhile to come up with a way to have passenger stations announcements in my passenger & subway platforms. Gunrunner John’s product solved that. Video speaks for itself.

Thanks John.


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I purchased 2 of these boards from John.  I am looking forward to putting one in a PE car and actually playing the Hot Chocolate song.  Bunmmer it was not in the Sound Hot Chocolate car Lionel released about a year ago.  Not sure about the other board.  I plan to put them around the layout and get mp3 files that will add flavor to a oparticular scene.  Such as buses and taxis blowing horns etc....

Heckuva job John.  This hobby needs sounds to go along with the sights.  An added dimension.

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