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Help we are running 3 tracks and have 7 storage spurs. The tracks are inter-connected using switches each track (line) is isolated with an isolation track thus they are running totally independently. We run Convetional engines (old Lionel, Marx, etc.) TMCC/Command engines, and Proto1 and Proto2 engines. (Sure why would it be easy) heck, we even have a live steam! I am attaching a picture to this, I have NO idea how to wire this up. The core thing I do not understand is the variable power channels and the fixed power channels. I would like to use the equipment we have but can change if what I have will not do this job properly. I am not adverse to changing over to Lionel Command and Lionel SC2's

Equipment we have
2- MTH Z4000's with remotes
2- MTH Z1000 transformers
2- MTH Proto 2 TIU's
2- MTH DCS controllers
2- Cab 1 remotes
14 - Fast Track switches installed
12 - Car wash's, Firehouses, coal loaders, etc. Lionel Backshop (hey it actually works! uber coolio), lots of other things on the spurs and in the town, we change things up by season.

Thank you

Ed & Cole Diamond



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  • IMG_4650: 3 lines 7 storage/accessory lines
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