Hi, I have the MTH 30-20360 Christmas ES44C and have somehow managed to loose both number boards. There are only two number boards on this engine yet the MTH expoloded diagram shows Four - none of them saying 1225 number board - 

8.) NUMBER BOARD #2010 FG-2103008001      NUMBER BOARD #8012 FG-2103008002     NUMBER BOARD #8099 FG-2103008003     NUMBER BOARD #6939 FG-2103008004      NUMBER BOARD #7926 FG-2103008005

Two Questions:

1. Anyone have two extras / know where I can get two or

2. Can anyone tell me the correct part number so I can order from MTH

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That is a nice unit, Paul... sorry to hear that the number boards have fallen out of it.  (Have you fully scoured inside the shipping box & styro foam insert?)   I've always wanted one of these, &/or the Halloween version, but can't justify the expense since each could run only about one month per year.   I can believe that there might be two number boards on each end, but trust what you say in their only being one.     Hope you find them.

Bummer, received this reply from Midge at MTH - what now?

Dear Mr. Licata:

Thank you for the email below.

Unfortunately number boards for 30-20523-1 (ES44, PS3) are unavailable.

I am sorry that we are unable to complete this part request.

If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.

Have a nice day!

Parts Department

... still have my fare - with just a trifle to spare...



I've made number boards for several units.  I take a piece of thick clear plastic as the base.  Trim it to size to fit the number board opening.  I print the numbers white on black using Microsoft Word in the correct size and font on plain #20 white paper.  I trim the numbers to fit my plastic base.  Glue the numbers on with Tester's Clear Parts Cement and you have number boards.  If I have to put the paper on the outside, I hit it with a couple of coats of clearcoat.  Glue the assembly in with the Clear Parts Cement and you're done.

Hi John, sounds like you may be already set up ...any chance you'd like to add two numberboards to my order sent in earlier this week???

And I'll paste it for you 

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... still have my fare - with just a trifle to spare...



Well, hardly setup, that's just how I do them if I can't buy the factory ones.

If you can buy number boards for the same model with the wrong number, you can also sand the numbers off and do the print trick.

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