Home made transfer Table

Thisis what I'm doing. I'm using Barry Broskowitz's creative idea that was published in OGR  June/July 2009 issue.It is an very interesting article which he uses the Lionel existing no 350 table. Gota tell you by using Lionel's table to start cuts a lot of time and effort and looks pretty good I think.----just saying---

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Does anyone have plans or info. on a homemade transfer table ?

If you have ever seen the New Jersey Highrailers layout transfer table , I built it and have extra components


my email is in my profile

That table and the matching building alone, is worth the visit to the club! Fantastic job. I always remember it.

& It's just a fraction of what is there.

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

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I can't see the pictures in the other thread.  Can someone please explain to me how to set up this "third party photo" thing?

Nothing for you to do.  Original poster of other thread used Photobucket to host his pictures.  PB now charges for what was once a free service.  Many people choose not to pay, myself included.


Here is the table Barry built.

Barrys transfer table







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