Hot Water/Anyone--Need Help with Valuation of EMD Lithographs Water Damaged

I have a very modest collection of original, EMD/EMC(?) lithographs of E and F units.  Unfortunately, I had a water pipe break and several were damaged when they fell from the wall and sustained some water damage.

I'd welcome any info on the value of these, generally, and specifically; or info on any dealers or others who buy/sell these items:

1.  New York Central E-7

2.  Texas and Pacific E8-9(?)

3.  Northern Pacific E-8/9(?)

4.  NdeM F-3.





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For what it's worth, I had a full set, i.e. every one that was in the Public Relations Dept. "vault", for many, many years. More than 20 years ago, I decided to liquidate ALL my EMD/RR memorabilia (lithographs, operator manuals, service manuals, etc.). Concerning the lithographs, I couldn't get more than $20 each, and the last two years I gave the last of them away to various friends.

There were so many thousands of those lithographs produced, which EMD Public Relations regularly gave away to virtually ANYBODY who wrote in from the 1950s through the 1990s, I can't imagine that, even today, they are worth a lot of money (just my opinion from experience).

Hot Water, thanks for your comprehensive reply.  I think they are terrific and I'd buy  more if I could find them--especially at the price you mentioned.

FWIW, I tried a fairly comprehensive eBay search and found nothing.

Thanks, again, HW.




You could try a rewetting and placing in wax paper and pressing with some books for a few weeks. They were damp when they left the press. I've seen junk comics truned to gold with simple but persistent efforts like that.

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