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I suspect that for many of us, our contact with the world of shopping comes nowadays in an Amazon box.  But I have not seen anybody making Amazon containers, which are now running in the real world.  Here is a shot from minutes ago at the Ft. Madison webcam.  

So, manufacturers?


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Talking to manufacturers abt it.  IDK if licensing will be an issue.  Some companies are happy with the free advertising, some think their name is worth a million bucks.  We'll see


If you can make it happen I'll buy some. Other 53' containers that would be great to have would be JB Hunt, Schneider, and Swift. But I've gathered there's licensing issues there too. Those three are the most common on today's BNSF intermodals, and its difficult to model current BNSF stack trains without them.


Beth was kind enough to listen to my request for ‘Prime’ containers. If Atlas/Amazon approve licensing I’ll be in for enough containers it’ll make it to production. Most of my layout is intermodal based and the more I see Prime containers on the rails the more I’d enjoy them in the model world.


I hope this isn't against the rules to mention, but I was perusing the latest TCA newsletter and I noticed that the Midwest Division has an anniversary car that appears to be the currently unavailable Menard's Intermodal car but with Midwest Division custom containers.  So for those who don't want to wait for Menard's to re-release the Intermodal car in the spring (thank you Mark),  you can go to the TCA Midwest division's website and get one.  The listing says they are available for immediate delivery.

Update: the website doesn't appear to have links for the purchase.  If a moderator tells me its okay, I will post the contact info for purchase.  Disclaimer, I am a TCA member but not of that division.

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@Menards posted:

New intermodal cars are in production! We are hoping they are ready for sale in the Spring.

Thank you,
Mark the Menards Train Guy

Any further consideration given to selling doublestack cars separate from containers? It would make it much easier to mix&match a train with a variety of containers if one didn't have to find someplace to put all those YANG MING boxes


I had to search for a pic to see what these Amazon containers would look like. I also found their trailers and I like how those look too!

A lot of container trains pass by up in Buffalo. We don't see them in Niagara Falls yard much. I only stay current using the internet searches and any posts here on the forum.

Off to see what the diecast dealers have in them now.

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