NONE for me. As usual, they would not know what go get me. 😁 Besides, I have got as much standard gauge, LGB and PIKO that I can stand! If I need something, I check with my live-in accountant (spouse of 48 years) and can usually order what I need. ☺

vita sine litteris mors est  (Seneca)

My wife knows better than to buy anything train-related for me as she knows my tastes are so specific she'd never be able to guess them.

But at the rate Bachmann is taking getting the new 'trench' 2-6-2T into retailers, the one I ordered for an op session in September might make it here for Christmas...

No, I have more than we can fit in the house now. To be honest I have more train and related items that I never remember fully what I have.

However I did buy train gifts for my daughter's. The oldest wanted her 2005 vintage Polar Express since she now has her own place. After being part of our Christmas all these years she did not get it.

Instead I bought her a new set along with the correct snow covered add ons. First thing she noticed was the smaller box. However she likes the new set.

The oldest got a Lionel Polar Express G set to wrap for my grand daughter.

Ok what am I getting? Hopefully some more Megabass Lures.

I am.  Every year since we've been married she gets me one O gauge item.  It's the only thing under the tree for me that I don't know what it'll be, other then a freight car.  I also know this year I'm getting the LEGO cargo train set.  The other nice thing is she'll let me make a mess of the house while I finish the trackwork and wiring of my layout over the Christmas break (Don't have a garage, so boxes got stacked under the layout.  To do the wiring I'll have to move all the boxes out from underneath into the livingroom.).

I'll get something from my son and grandson. Always do.  Doesn't matter what it is, I love it!  Last year it was matching Lionel caps for me and my grandson and a trolley....  Looking forward to being surprised this year.



"One TODAY is worth two TOMORROWS"

                             - Ben Franklin

i hope i do

i really would like some more add ons for my hot wheels train or the scooby doo aquarium car for now atleast until i can get the set

but there is always next year and who knows what the 2020 big book is gonna have in the traditional section and ready to play section


AKA Cody Parrish

modeler of the Allegheny Federation

serving Arizona and the Northeast Corridor

The Santa Fe Dash-8

Like others, I have way too many trains and now my want list is very small and very specific.  My wife of 40 years no longer tries to buy me trains even though she has access to my want list. In turn, I no longer try to buy her biking or skiing items because she knows exactly what she wants and I can never get it right.  Anyway, at nearly 70, we decided no more presents.  Christmas eve in front of the fire with some wine, and Christmas morning with friends.





Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson

TURTLE 2 posted:

It looks like the PEZ CAR  interior is just a display... not individual Pez candy sticks. We need an "operating"  version..

I know there are a million FDA and OSHA regulations against it.  Probably four #tag groups, a political action committee and a hundred blogs against it already

BUT wouldn't it be great to have a postwar milk car that ejects, launches or throws out PEZ or jelly beans?  Especially if it had TMCC or some commander circuit that let you dispense one anywhere on the layout.  

Guess we'll have to stick with candy sticks on log dump car and bulk candy on the 3469 and 3359.

Some of the comments here reminded me of Christmas from the 50s.  Yes getting mostly clothes and maybe 1 toy.  Then in 1956 or 1957 we actually got like four or five toys.  I privately asked my older brother where this stuff came from and do we get to keep it. 

That was a "one of" Christmas, but is humorous to look back on.  Things were not wrapped but hidden around the house.  Comments like, "you better go check under the couch", etc put us racing to a location after each suggestion.

Never had another like that again. 

I have instructed everyone I know to NOT buy me any train or train-related gift for Christmas or any other occasion. I have more than enough already, and priority one at this point is to begin--once again begin--thinning the herd. I did buy myself an MTH/LCT 263e locomotive recently as a gift to myself for Christmas because I'm finding that the contemporary tinplate from MTH is becoming scarce as hen's teeth. I have all the tinplate that I need, but I really love that stuff and there was an item that I passed on earlier but decided to buy while it was still available.


Allan Miller posted:

I have instructed everyone I know to NOT buy me any train or train-related gift for Christmas or any other occasion. I have more than enough already, and priority one at this point is to begin--once again begin--thinning the herd.


Yeah, most people will just buy you something cheesy train-related knick knack. The idea it'll be something you really want is unlikely, I'd think. Heck, my train wants are very specific even within the hobby itself, nobody would ever get that right, and otherwise it'd be something I'd have to sneak down to Goodwill or sell at the next model train show.

Heck, I have enough problems with the stuff I order for myself. I just got one of the Menard's quonset huts and found I can't do anything that I'd had in mind with it (shortening it and putting a full interior inside with new windows along the sides) as I had no clue it was ceramic. It's going out to the 'train show boxes' in the shed. And that's something I'd wanted.

Hoping on picking up a excellent condition 2340 tuscan five stripe a little later this week. I will tell my wife it is from her and let her wrap it. Well maybe after it is tried out with the congressional cars that have been waiting a couple years to mate up with it.


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