How many of you do actual switching on your layouts ?

My friend chooses to run 5 or 6 trains at once and sit and watch. When I started building my layout, I knew I wanted it to have function and to occupy the imagination of my grandkids. So I designed it (with help from Richard) to do some switching, consist building, and incorporate 4 industries. I really enjoy it. I use tokens, as I deal with enough BOL’s on the job. 

Railroad modeling is therapeutic. 

Ted S posted:

Thank you all for sharing!  @Tom Densel I love your concept.  Would you be kind enough to share your track plan?  

I had to dig this out.  I made it when I was designing the layout.  I just added the numbers for the industries and other buildings.  The room is 10 1/2' x 12'.

 DSC03703 The Penn Central is indicated in black.  The AC&Y is indicated in red.  The green is the interchange.

1. Z4000 transformer  2. Switch tower  3. Passenger station.  4. House.  5. House with garage.  6. Pipe organ factory (R).  7. Produce distributor (R).                       8. Gas station.  9. Scrap yard (R).  10. Lumber yard (R).  11. Grain elevator (R).  12. Down town.  13. Fuel Distributor(R).  14. Fertilizer plant (R).  15. Feed mill (R).  16. Electric sub-station.  17. Factory 1.  18. Factory 2 (R).  19. Warehouse (R).  20. Railroad offices.  21. Oil well.  22.  Coal yard (R).     (R) Indicates rail service

If I had to do it over, I would have reversed the orientation of the crossover by #11.  As it is, I can reverse a train by running it through the crossover or interchange track, but, I have to perform a reverse move to get it back to its original direction. There is a lift out bridge over the walkway, between #2 & #21.  Removing the bridge adds another element to operation.

I operate with TMCC.  Track is Gargraves with Ross switches. 042 curves.  All switches are remote control with DZ-1000 switch machines.  Power is provided by a MTH Z4000 transformer.

Here are some overview shots of the layout.




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Lionelzwl2012 posted:

has anyone though about or have parts of the layout interchangeable so you can have deisel era and a steam era scenes?

I thought about that very thing but more in line with late 1800s in the south west vs. a 1940s urban area.  Steam vs. Diesel might not change too much as far as geographical formations and actually regarding buildings, we see diesels in areas of old urban areas that were once well traveled by steam.  Curious Roger if you have done that.  But your concept is what I thought I could do as far as just changing buildings with different architecture and height to keep the layout from getting too stale.  Otherwise, what would I do with all the scratch built ideas I have to store off the layout? 

I may do this via small building sceen moduals that I can place on the layout such as a group of small industries that are lit up and mounted to a thin piece of foam core or plywood and can be pluged in via a barrel jack femal plug on the small board. then I could swap these out depending on what I am running steam or modern diesel. _

I also am thinking of having a whole modual section say 3x4 or so that has plywood on both sides of the modual. on one side  a turntable with round house and steam  facilities such as a coaling tower yard office and other steam related items would be mounted. at least as much as possible so as to avoid removing to much when changing to modern diesel running.

then have on the other side a modern engine house,fueling rack and other diesel  related items mounted down. again as much as can be mounted down.  then my Idea is to have the modual flip over completly in some way being able to lock it in place after rotating it. this modual would be placed  on an end section of the layout. I would then pull the modual away from the layout so as to be able to flip it to which ever side I want to use at the time. then pushing it back into place attaching it to the layout. only problem is having to remove all the engines and buildings and such each time the modual was fliped. this I still just an idea in my head at the moment. I have to plan it out on paper to see if it would work. in theory it sounds like it may just work, but in reality it may not work at all. has anyone ever tryed somthing like this? 

the seconds option is maybe to have two seperate engine facilities moduals that are able to be raised and lowered and the benchwork on wheels so when one is being used the other can be stored right below the other one. this would save on room space when storing the moduals. 

I am thinking about these to methods for these moduals because it would be just me having to swap them out each time and a 3x4 modual may be two awkward to handle if I were to just have to manually set each modual in place say on benchwork that was slightly lower that the other benchwork. 

I maybe over thinking this,but its just an Idea like I said right now.

Roger g.

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