Lionel used to offer a TMCC module (6-14185) for controlling an operating track section. So far, they haven't offered an LCS version. Of course, the TMCC module could be used together with a 6-81326 LCS Serial Converter (SER2).  But does it seem that it would work to use the relays of an ASC2 or a BPC2 to control an operating track section?

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The Lionel LCS Accessory Switch Controller ASC2 6-81639 will control operating tracks.

LCS ASC2 module:

The manual is here:

Page 25 of the manual shows an example of wiring the ASC2 to an operating track

For the Lionel Fastrack operating track refer to the attached 78-1639-250 Fastrack Operating Section with ASC2 setup 10-2017.jpeg



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