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Jim Berger posted:

No.....what a bad idea.....

Really?  To each his own, but c'mon...

I'm guessing you must not have been in this hobby back when almost everything came as a kit.

Of course, I'm talking "scale" models, not toy trains...

Mark in Oregon


Yes..... "really"....you would have to be 95 years old when everything was in kit form....

Actually, "no".

First off, I said "almost". Please read my post before you insult...

I started in the hobby in the late '60s, and built most of my stuff from kits. As I've mentioned here before, just look at the Walther's "Craft Train" catalogs from that era, and well into the '70's:


...pages and pages of parts, etc. Of course, you had to be willing to work with your hands...and not just opening a box and putting "it" on the track.

Mark in Oregon


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Well, this idiot owns several vehicles with clutch pedals, avoids "Model T" transmissions, and restored plumbing in his previous house before selling it, so has replaced a flapper valve.  But does not have machining and soldering skills he needs to build the prototype locomotives and rail cars he wants.  I am not scared of kits, of what l want.

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

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