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@BOB WALKER posted:

BPRC fans take note. NASA has developed a solid state battery which is smaller, lighter, more powerful and safer than lithium based batteries. Timing unclear for now, but good news.


Unfortunately, this isn't news.  It's hype.  Many so-called "news" organizations in today's day and age, and certainly many, many tech developers, love publishing info on what they'd like to have happen, instead of what's actually presently happening.

What became of good old fashioned news, i.e the stuff based on present-day facts and not simply wishful thinking?

In this case the facts are that NASA created a one-of-a-kind experimental battery design, which is the sort of thing that they're very good at by the way, and that's "promising", but there's no more than that so far.  Same with Toyota.  Same with the Chinese.  "Progress" by both is also currently being reported in the news.

You'll have a years-long wait until you see these batteries in high-volume production.  They most certainly won't be here next year, or the one after that, or maybe even within the 5 year period after that.  Can you hold out that long?


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